Designed in Atlanta with Love



BAIR stands at the forefront of design-centric tech solutions, marrying sleek aesthetics with unparalleled functionality to redefine everyday convenience. Through a seamless merger of form and function, we craft innovative products that not only solve problems but also complement your lifestyle with elegance and efficiency.

Mission Statement

A notable designer once said “Our goal is not to make money. Our goal is to make something that is better.” At BAIR it is our core mission to make the best version of a product we possibly can.

The goal is NOT to grow by stealing market share from other companies or by cutting value from products in order to increase profits. It’s about leveraging innovation to create new markets and make the best possible experience we can for our customers in the hopes that they will come back to see us again and again. And we aim to do it by solving problems in our own way.

We want people to feel good about their purchases and know that they’re helping to support a business that cares about them. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about the bond we form with our customers that matters the most.


Blair Hasty

Blair is passionately committed to enhancing everyday experiences through innovative technology and thoughtful design. With a diverse expertise that covers tech, consumer goods, and retail, Blair has led teams to collaborate successfully with renowned brands such as Verizon, Griffin Technology, Makita Tools, Clif Bar, and Coca-Cola.

At BAIR, Blair champions a design philosophy that integrates meticulous attention to detail and sustainability with a drive for functional elegance. His leadership not only steers BAIR towards creating products that embody timeless design and quality but also ensures that these innovations are aligned with a sustainable future.