Do you find yourself untangling a knotted up wad of wires every day before starting work? Is it frustrating to get around all of the cables in order to find things inside of your bag? We all have to deal with the headache that is the necessary evil of charging cords. But 

Our Customers

So who are we building this for and why? 

The people who appreciate good design and quality products that will last. The ones wanting to stand out in a world of increasingly empty consumerism and always searching for the best solutions. Those wanting to be the problem solver at the office, the trendsetter at the coffee shop, and the smart investor at home. It's for all of us who want to live in a better world surrounded by great design.


Which size is right for you?

Taim is available in two sizes, large and small, and fits all current single port USB-C Apple MacBook power adapters. See below for product compatibility.

*Not compatible with dual port or hard wired power adapters.

How to determine which power adapter you have

Charging capacity listed on the edge of Apple power adapters underneath the wall plug.

Product Description

Taim was designed to wrap up that tangled mess of wires you carry around with you every day. This is the fastest and simplest cord management solution on the market. And it just so happens to look great too.

Taim works by allowing you to wrap the Apple MacBook power cable around its charging block to be stowed away tangle free. By attaching snugly onto the body of the charging block, it captures the wrapped cable with a durable elastic band and is held firm on the end by a robust Velcro (hook & loop) attachment. This quick connection is what allows Taim to be the fastest and easiest possible solution to use. The design also features a solid machined metal “grab tab” to instantly identify the cord release end of the elastic retention band. So simply pull the tab, and let your cable drop free when you’re ready to work.

Not only is Taim simple to use but it is also adaptable. There are two sizes to cover all current MacBook Pro and Air single port charging blocks (Note: Taim does not work with dual port charging blocks). This is achieved with an adjustable wrap around the body of the charger and an additional elastic strap along the wall plug side of the unit. That means your Taim is guaranteed to fit well on your current charging block, but it will also work when you upgrade to your next laptop. Which is a sustainable investment in the future.

Taim has been thoroughly tested and will not interfere with the operability of your charger in any way. And it works with all AC outlet plug adapters included within the “Apple World Travel Adapter Kit”. So great news for those not located within the US or who are looking keep your cords organized while you travel abroad!